Free MCKS Pranic Healing® Clinics across the USA

Clinic Name City State Phone Details
Gilbert Healing Clinic; Health Through Nature Gilbert Arizona 480-926-9696 More Info
Phoenix Healing Clinic Phoenix Arizona 480-818-3156 More Info
Sun City Healing Clinic Sun City Arizona 480-818-3156 More Info
Chandler Healing Clinic Tempe Arizona 909-224-8373 or 602-349-5561 More Info
Berkeley Healing Clinic Berkeley California 415-867-7175 More Info
Catherdral City Healing Clinic Cathedral City California 760-238-6337 More Info
Chino Healing Clinic Chino California 888-470-5656 More Info
Claremont Healing Clinic Claremont California 323-331-7616 More Info
Concord Healing Clinic Concord California 925-787-1065 More Info
Costa Mesa Healing Clinic Costa Mesa California 949-338-8015 More Info
El Segundo Healing Clinic El Segundo California 310-634-3876 More Info
Encino Healing Clinic Encino California 818-279-2938 More Info
Fontana Healing Clinic Fontana California 909-201-1636 More Info
Huntington Beach Healing Clinic Huntington Beach California (714) 336-0209 More Info
Laguna Hills Healing Clinic Laguna Hills California 949-606-5547 More Info
Los Angeles, Atwater Village Los Angeles California 213-327-8042 More Info
Hollywood Healing Clinic Los Angeles California 323-422-4250 or 313-580-9440 More Info
Los Angeles Los Feliz Healing Clinic Los Angeles California 213-327-8042 More Info
Milpitas Healing Clinic Milpitas California 224-321-3542 More Info
Montclair Healing Clinic Montclair California 909-670-7183 More Info
Corona Healing Clinic Norco California 951-202-7266 More Info
Novato Healing Clinic Novato California 415-717-0209 More Info
Oakland Healing Clinic Oakland California 707-297-9077 More Info
Oakland Healing Clinic; Anasa Yoga Small Studio Oakland California 408-596-0255 More Info
Ontario Healing Clinic Ontario California 909-937-2055 More Info
Palo Alto Healing Clinic Palo Alto California 408-210-8220 More Info
Pleasant Hill Healing Clinic Pleasant Hill California 303-819-8468 More Info
Rancho Cordova Healing Clinic Rancho Cordova California More Info
Rancho Cucamonga; Astara Healing Clinic Rancho Cucamonga California 800-964-4941 More Info
Redondo Beach Healing Clinic Redondo Beach California 310-667-2466 More Info
Riverside; Anahata Movement Arts Riverside California 951-202-7266 or 951-295-1433 More Info
Riverside; Cernie Institute Healing Clinic - Tuesdays Riverside California 951-205-9867 when in the US More Info
Rolling Hills Estates Healing Clinic Rolling Hills Estates California 310-541-4209 More Info
Sacramento Healing Clinic Sacramento California 707-761-3868 More Info
San Diego Healing Clinic; The Unity Center San Diego San Diego California 619-822-4291 More Info
San Diego Healing Clinic; PB Yoga & Healing Arts San Diego California 858-281-9119 More Info
San Francisco: Thai and Cambodian Buddhist Temple San Francisco California 415-867-7175 More Info
San Francisco Healing Clinic; George Washington HS San Francisco California 650-483-2461 More Info
San Franicsco Healing Clinic; The Center for Healing & Expression San Francisco California 303-819-8468 More Info
San Jose Healing Clinic San Jose California 408-890-0638 More Info
San Mateo Healing Clinic San Mateo California 925-787-1065 More Info
Santa Ana Healing Clinic Santa Ana California 949-606-5547 More Info
Santa Barbara; Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Healing Clinic Santa Barbara California 805-453-6187 More Info
Santa Barbara; Montecito YMCA Healing Clinic Santa Barbara California 805-565-0066 More Info
Santa Barbara; La Casa de Maria Retreat Center Healing Clinic Santa Barbara California 805-565-0066 More Info
Santa Fe Springs Healing Clinic Santa Fe Springs California 562-869-2311 More Info
Temecula Healing Clinic Temecula California 951-691-0680 More Info
Temple City Healing Clinic Temple City California 626-566-5257 Yin More Info
Thousand Oak Healing Clinic Thousand Oaks California 818-279-2938 More Info
Vacaville; Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center Healing Clinic Vacaville California 707-761-3868 More Info
Victorville Healing Clinic Victorville California 909-201-1636 More Info
West Hollywood Healing Clinic West Hollywood California 310-806-0364 More Info
West Los Angeles Healing Clinic West Los Angeles California 310-883-8371 More Info
Whittier Healing Clinic; Dharma Center Bookstore Whittier California 917-403-2134 More Info
Whittier Healing Clinic Whittier California 626-222-6814 More Info
Whittier Healing Clinic; First Christian Church Whittier California 917-403-2134 More Info
Boulder Healing Clinic Boulder Colorado 303-638-0419 More Info
Denver Healing Clinic Denver Colorado 303-350-9284 More Info
Fort Collins Healing Clinic Fort Collins Colorado 562-412-9511 More Info
Bodhi Tree Meditation Center; Honolulu Healing Clinic Honolulu Hawaii 808-352-8409 More Info
Kona, Big Island Healing Clinic Kailua - Kona Hawaii 808-430-0428 Susan More Info
Belleville Healing Clinic Belleville Illinois 618-531-3162 or ITM618-222-9500 More Info
Chicago Healing Clinic; Chi Naprapathy Holistic Health & Wellness Chicago Illinois 773-550-7241 More Info
Lisle Healing Clinic Lisle Illinois 708-369-8189 More Info
Westchester Healing Clinic Westchester Illinois 773-507-5583 More Info
Greenwood Healing Clinic Greenwood Indiana 317-525-9468 More Info
Baton Rouge Healing Clinic Baton Rouge Louisiana 877-782-5939 More Info
Baton Rouge Healing Clinic Baton Rouge Louisiana 225-276-4064 More Info
Mount Clemens Healing Clinic Mount Clemens Michigan 586-468-6463 More Info
Columbia Healing Clinic Columbia Missouri 573-999-2939 More Info
Shrewsbury Healing Clinic Shrewsbury Missouri 314-265-6448 More Info
Springfield Healing Clinic Springfield Missouri 917-866-9642 More Info
St. Louis Healing Clinic St. Louis Missouri 314-966-1500 More Info
Albuquerque Healing Clinic Albuquerque New Mexico 505-298-4823 More Info
Santa Fe Healing Clinic Santa Fe New Mexico 505-988-7032 More Info
Columbus; Christian Spiritualist Temple Healing Clinic Columbus Ohio 614-862-8626 ext. 118 More Info
Columbus; N. Broadway United Methodist Church Heaing Clinic Columbus Ohio 614-580-8218 More Info
Fairfield Healing Clinic Fairfield Ohio 513-207-0875; 513-305-5431 More Info
Lebanon Healing Clinic Lebanon Ohio 513-899-4616 More Info
Troy Healing Clinic Troy Ohio 937-726-7929; 937-287-8580 More Info
Warrensville Heights Healing Clinic Warrensville Heights Ohio 440-212-5183 More Info
Westlake Healing Clinic Westlake Ohio 440-212-5183 More Info
Eugene Healing Clinic Eugene Oregon 541-525-1209 More Info
Portland; Spiritual Living Clinic Portland Oregon 503-289-2858 More Info
West Linn Healing Clinic West Linn Oregon 503-697-9765 More Info
Austin: Endeavor Rehab Center Healing Clinic Austin Texas 972-922-9587 More Info
Austin Healing Clinic; AOMA Graduate School Austin Texas 603-660-0037 Susan More Info
Austin Healing Clinic Austin Texas 512-821-9192 More Info
Austin: Unity Church Healing Clinic Austin Texas 512-772-1001 More Info
Austin: FortView South Healing Clinic Austin Texas 512-326-5700 More Info
Dallas Healing Clinic Dallas Texas 404-405-0032 More Info
El Paso Healing Clinic El Paso Texas 575-649-8081 or 915-449-0619 More Info
Houston Healing Clinic; Renew Clinic Houston Texas 713-732-8086 Sara More Info
McKinney Healing Clinic McKinney Texas 214-726-2836 or 214-542-0376 More Info
New Braunfels Healing Clinic New Braunfels Texas 210-787-9347 or 850-896-8051 More Info
San Antonio Healing Clinic San Antonio Texas 210-445-9234 More Info
Bellevue Healing Clinic Bellevue Washington 206-428-8452 More Info
Port Angeles Healing Clinic Port Angeles Washington 360-912-3373 More Info
Redmond Healing Clinic Redmond Washington 503-277-8391 More Info
Seattle Unity Church Seattle Washington 303-817-0498 More Info