Cerebral Aneurysm

On Friday, May 12, 2000, at approximately 8:12 a.m., the symptoms began with a severe headache. [When] the pain spread into my neck, I became very aware that there was a good possibility that I was having a stroke. I called for an ambulance. As the pain intensified, a strange calm came over me, which allowed me to recall self-healing techniques taught by Master Co. While the excruciating pain made it most difficult to concentrate, it did not make it impossible to make a conscious decision to ask for and seek divine intervention. During my prayer for help, the memory of the PRANIC HEALING® class was back to me... [and] a brilliant white shaft of light appeared on my crown chakra. It was transparent, yet dense in appearance and form. If I were to guess, it was approximately 14 inches in diameter. It remained attached to my body throughout my crisis.

I was transferred from a local emergency room and became an ICU patient at a trauma hospital. The diagnosis was that I had suffered a cerebral aneurysm. The location was in the center of my brain. For the next three days, I meditated on healing the aneurysm by bathing the area in the healing white light. While visualizing the white light coming from my fingers, I also visualized stroking the brain. These two mental activities became my main objective throughout my stay at the hospital. By the fourth day of my stay in ICU, after reviewing the third CAT scan, one of the doctors said, If I didn't know better, this looks as if I'd already performed the surgery! On day number five in ICU, my nurse became concerned because of the extremely high level of potassium in my system. I have since learned that potassium guards against stroke. The more you have in the system, the greater the protection against stroke. Finally, I went from high-risk intensive care to home in eight days. I did not require surgery. Once home, I took salt baths one to two times a day for the first three days. After that, two salt baths a day for a week. It has been 13 months since my illness with no recurring symptoms.

- Cynthia A. Borman, Homewood, Ill.