Experience of Healing through Mantra

Atma Namaste Master Co,

I am so very grateful for these Divine teachings on the Holy Mantras. I experience the generated energy from the Mantras as you facilitate; and today, I received healing. When I am meditating on the Mantras, I feel my heart and especially my crown chakras opening. I felt a tremendous down-pouring of energy especially during the Om Mani Padma Hum and the Amen Mantras.

I felt the loving presence of Buddha Kuan Yin around me. She wrapped her arms all around my body and gave me a powerful sense of inner peace and physical healing! My thumb joints were aching prior to the Mantra; but during the short time we spent--my pain was GONE. She is with me still! I love this series of teachings. Thank you Master Co for bringing this priceless knowledge to those of us who never had the privilage of meeting GMCKS.

With many Blessings, Linda