Gift of Sight

Four years ago in March of '92, I was diagnosed with a platelet disorder, hyper coagulable state, which left me legally blind in my left eye from a central retinal vein occlusion. I was placed on many different medications: blood thinners, steroids and blood pressure sedatives. Plus, I had had nine laser and cryonics surgeries on my eye. Two-and-a-half-months ago, after visiting you and receiving PRANIC HEALING® not only could I see clearly out of my left eye, but I also had my blood checked the following Monday at the hematologist's office, and there was no indication of the blood clotting disorder. My bleeding was normal. I have been off all medication for almost three months. I am still seeing clearly out of my left eye and I feel normal, for the first time in years. You've given me hope and happiness that now I, too, can have a future free of pain and confusion and hardship. 

- Jill Schwartz, Los Angeles