Healing of a Burn

I work as a repair technician for Motorola, Inc., in the cellular phone division. The printed circuit boards are surface mount boards. To remove components, we use a 600-watt heat gun designed to strip linoleum off floors. Its nose is a metal piece about four inches long. One morning, my bench partner used the heat gun and placed it (still hot) on my bench while I was concentrating on tracing a signal on the circuit board before me. It toppled over and landed squarely on the top of my right hand.

My initial reaction was shock. Once I looked at my hand and saw the entire surface turn red and start to bubble up, I snapped into action. I immediately began to sweep with whitish-green. The pain began to set in. It was very intense. I then recalled the effects of blue. I energized the hand with whitish-blue to numb the pain... I alternated whitish-green with whitish-orange. I did continual sweeping for about an hour. I saw the size of the welt decrease. This encouraged me to continue. As the day went on, word spread about what had happened. People looked on in disbelief. In four hours, the size was reduced to a half-inch. Everyone kept telling me I'd get a blister and would be scarred for life. I continued to ignore them and kept sweeping my hand throughout the day. I felt no pain and the wound never blistered.

Once I got home, there was a small mark on the surface of my right hand. I continued to sweep with whitish-orange, then I energized with whitish-red and a touch of whitish-yellow. Today my hand looks like nothing ever happened. Since I have learned Pranic Healing, any cut or bruise never fully manifests on my body. I use it on pimples and cold sores upon the start of a breakout, and in a few minutes they disappear.

- Elizabeth Sedeno, Chicago