Impossible.. Possible!

When I first arrived I was suffering from the results of a fall in a parking lot, over one year prior. The pain in my knees was constant. I was unable to bend my knees, or squat, or kneel without intense pain. I was unable to walk up or down stairs without pain as well.

After my healing, all of these symptoms disappeared. Miraculously, in less than 30 minutes I was released of my pain. I had been under a doctor's care before with the usual treatment of Motrin and Cortizone shots. The doctor said I was permanent and stationary and was as cured as was possible by Western Medicine. The pain I would have to live with. I can hardly wait to call him tomorrow. I am pain free, and I walked up and down a flight of stairs without any negative effect! Thank You so very much. I have been healed!

- Berta Barres, Los Angeles, CA