Full Moon of Leo: Live from the Kriyashakti Class in California!

Broadcast Date & Time: 
Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:00PM PDT America/Los_Angeles

As Master Choa says, the law of karma is a spiritual technology on how to create and navigate one's future.

The positive and negative Golden Rules are the specific technique on how to harness this spiritual technology.

The Positive Golden Rule helps us generate good karma to get what we want. The Negative Golden Rule helps prevent us from generating negative karma that harm us in different aspects of our lives.
In this Full Moon Meditation, Master Co will talk about how the Golden Rule affects us:
Spiritually: How to accelerate one's spiritual development
Mentally: How to become more intelligent and expand one's capabilities.
Emotionally: How to have more emotional stability and improve relationships.
Physically: How to have better health.
Financially: How to be more prosperous and to minimize/prevent financial bad luck.

This lecture will be immediately followed by the Full Moon Meditation.

Please have your projects ready to be blessed and charged.

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