Full Moon Meditation - July 2011

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Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:00PM PDT America/Los_Angeles

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Join Master Co for this World Wide Full Moon Meditation.

This Special Full Moon meditation Commemorates what Indians reverently call Guru Poornima. This is a special time to honor and offer gratitude to our Spiritual Teacher.

Master Co discusses the role of the Spiritual Teacher in a spiritual practitioner's life. He shares GrandMaster Choa's Universal Teachings including  the Indian (Guru), Chinese (Sifu) and Japanese (Sensei) traditions.

Master Co shares the importance of the Spiritual Teacher's role to help us find our Inner Light to Illuminate Our Path towards Oneness with God and Oneness with All.

You will be guided in a very short but solemn meditation to reflect on the Blessings and Benefits we have received from our Spiritual Teacher. Then we will practice the Meditation On Twin Hearts to manifest the Loving Aspect of God within us to invoke Blessings for every person and every being with Divine Light, Love and Power.
We will also channel these Blessings to our individual families, relationships and our finances.


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