Mindfulness Lecture & Full Moon Meditation

Broadcast Date & Time: 
Sat Jul 8, 2017 7:00PM PDT America/Los_Angeles

Mindfulness: Essence and Practice for Inner Peace, Love & Joy In this Full Moon Lecture and Meditation, Master Co discusses the spiritual essence of Mindfulness.

A practice that is widely talked about and has been shown to dramatically improve health and increase productivity. You will also be guided in 2 powerful meditations to increase your divine connection and inner peace! Master Co will share the secret of Mindfulness by understanding 2 Chinese Characters “Nian” or Mindfulness and “C’han” for Zen.

Topics include:

  • How to be ‘present’ and ‘aware’ of your environment body, emotions & thoughts Awaken the Heart to increase your awareness and sensitivity, plus to improve your relationships
  • How practice simple mindfulness techniques to sharpen your mind and increase productivity
  • Learn the secret connection between Mindfulness and the Buddhist C’han Meditation practice to reach enlightenment .
  • How being ‘Present’ and the Heart are both needed to experience Oneness with your High Soul
  • Know the inner meaning of the Buddha holding a Flower and how it can accelerate your union with the Higher Soul

Tune in for this special lecture and meditation where we will receive a special empowerment and we will be active instruments of Divine Love, Light and Power for our loved ones, our spiritual brothers & sisters and all sentient beings. Make sure you have your projects ready to energize after this powerful event!