Taurus Full Moon, Wesak Festival

Broadcast Date & Time: 
Sun May 3, 2015 7:00PM - 9:30PM PDT America/Los_Angeles

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Join us for the Full Moon of Taurus which coincides with the anniversary of the Lord Buddha's Birth, attainment of enlightenment and physical death. If possible, get together with as many spiritual aspirants as you can in order to meditate as a group. According to GrandMaster Choa, seven people meditating together is equivalent to 100 people meditating separately.

 Here is a schedule for you to plan your group meditations:

  • Lecture begins at 7pm PST (-7 GMT)
  • Short intermission at 8pm (15 minute break)
  • Wesak Meditation begins at 8:15pm and ends at approximately 9:30pm

Once a year, on what is considered to be the most powerful full moon of the year, your Higher Soul gets the chance and privilege to immerse itself in a downpour of Divine Energy to purify your vehicles, chakras and physical body as well as to use that energy to bless Mother Earth. Consequently, as you Bless Mother Earth you are generating tremendous amounts of good karma that can be utilized to bring forth Prosperity, Joy and Happiness in both your Spiritual & Material Life.

This year, Master Co will facilitate the Wesak Festival & Full Moon Meditation Live from Anaheim, CA. To further anchor the energies and blessings of the Wesak Full Moon Meditation we will follow in the sacred tradition started by the Buddha and as instructed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and the Great Spiritual Teachers, by sharing the teachings on the Four Noble Truths & the Eight-Fold Path.

The Energies that pour forth during the Wesak as well as these Blessed Teachings serve as a gift of  Love, Light and Power to Humanity. We hope that you can join us for this Powerful and Sacred Weekend!