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This is an Online Course for students who reside in the USA ONLY.

PREREQUISITE: Self Pranic Healing Course or Pranic Healing Level 1. If you register and have not completed the prerequisite, you will be credited or refunded for this course.

The Spiritual Essence of Man course is designed to give the student a deeper understanding of the Tree of Life that is mentioned in most esoteric traditions.

The sepiroths, or power centers, of the Tree of Life are covered from Yogic and Kabalistic and biblical perspective and their effects are explained as they relate to Human Anatomy and Spiritual Development.

In addition, advanced Meditation techniques are covered to quickly activate the human Tree of Life.

Some of what you will learn:

  •     Learn Krishna's Teachings on the Inverted Tree of Life and the Upanishad's Tree of Eternity
  •     Never before publicly revealed correspondences of the Spiritual Anatomy (chakras and auras) in the traditions of Taoism,
  •     Christianity, Kabbalah, Sanskrit, Acupuncture, and Egyptian Mystery Schools.
  •     Secrets of the "Triple Cross" and how it can activate your chakras and energize your subtle bodies.
  •     Use of the Keter Sephira for Spiritual Healings
  •     Direct correspondence of the Lord's Prayer in the Kabbalistic and Egyptian Tree of Life.
  •     Practice the "I AM" Meditation on your Pineal Gland!
  •     Discover your Buddha Nature & Spiritual Fetus and Experience the Divine Essence within you.
  •     And Much More!

Should you need to fulfill the prerequisite course to attend, we recommend you see: MCKS Self Pranic Healing
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Registration for this event closes Wed. June 9th at 11:59pm, Pacific Time.
June 12th, 2021 9:30 AM   through   June 13th, 2021 5:00 PM
United States
Phone: (909) 548 - 0884
Event Fee(s)
New: MCKS Spirtual Essence of Man $ 400.00
Review: MCKS Spiritual Essence of Man $ 200.00
Instructor Master Stephen Co