Arhatic Yoga Level 1-2

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MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 1-2 involves the rapid activation of the chakras and opening of the major meridians to allow
more Kundalini energy and Spiritual energy to flow through your system. Typically, students will experience an
increase in the size of the chakras by 100% to 300%, depending on the ability of the energy body to handle intense
Spiritual and Kundalini energies. You will also notice your healing abilities increase tremendously, you will have a
less chance of being depleted when healing or when dealing with negative situations. In addition, each of our
chakras have inherent powers.

  • Crown: intuition, spiritual connection
  • Ajna: willpower, abstract thinking faculties
  • Throat: creativity and detailed thinking
  • Heart: compassion and sensitivity to subtle energies
  • Solar Plexus: competitiveness and courage
  • Navel: instincts and storehouse of energy
  • Sex: charisma, creativity
  • Basic: dynamic activity and physical power

By activating these chakras all the inherent psychic/ psychological powers are magnified. MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 1-2 will rapidly accelerate your spiritual evolution, and most importantly, your ability to do service.

Each higher level of MCKS Arhatic Yoga® generates approximately ten times more energy than the previous one. This
would mean that a good foundation is critical if you are interested in applying for Level 1-2. Please diligently
practice the techniques you were given in MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Preparatory Level. This includes: Meditation, Purification
and especially Service and Tithing.


$85 night single/double book by July 15th (608) 251-2300.

For group rate hotel reservations for Master Co's Higher Classes in Madison, Wisconsin during August 2014, please copy and paste the following link into a web browser .

Application Process

Attached below is the application form to be typed and submitted by those Arhatic Yoga Prep practitioners who have been practicing for at least 2 years or more.

NOTE: Applications in writing will not be accepted.
Please email, mail or fax your application form by No Later Than August 6th




August 16th, 2014 7:00 PM   through   August 17th, 2014 10:30 PM
Sheraton Hotel
706 John Nolen Dr.
Madison, WI 53713-1213
United States

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Phone: 608-284-5932
MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 1-2 $ 950.00
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Instructor/Presenter Master Stephen Co
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