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Fri, May 29, 2020 06:00 PM PDT

Join Master Co for 7 days of meditation focused each day on a specific purpose in our life. These 7 days of meditation lead up to the Festival of Goodwill, the Full Moon of Gemini.

Meditation Video will appear below.

The Aries full moon meditation was for preparing our physical & energy systems for  the down pour of massive spiritual blessings from the Festival of Lights, or the Wesak Full Moon.

Now for this upcoming full moon of Gemini, it’s a time for Distributing the Spiritual Blessings we have generated over the past 2 months. This active distribution of spiritual energies throughout the earth is also known as the Festival of Goodwill.

Starting on May 29th at 6pm PDT and every day for 7 days, Master Co will share a spiritual insight and then facilitate a powerful meditation to focus our energies into the different aspects of our lives, ie: health, finances, relationships, spiritual connections etc.

Tell everyone you know to join! In these times of uncertainty, there’s only one thing that is certain, we are here for a PURPOSE- to Live and Give!

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