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Tue, Nov 12, 2019 07:00 PM PST

What is Gratitude?
Is it just a thought or an emotion?
Where does it come from?
Is it something we can just create on-demand?
What are the different stages of gratitude?

In this session Master Co guides us in understanding Gratitude on a deeper level so that we can harness this powerful force to dig ourselves out of fear, anger, stress, depression or any state that is holding us back.

Gratitude can be harnessed for:

  • Healing relationships
  • Disintegrating poverty consciousness and magnetizing prosperity
  • Evoking a positive and attractive attitude
  • Awakening the healing forces of your body
  • Accelerate your spiritual development

Learn to make sweeping positive changes in your life by learning to harness this powerful universal force known as Gratitude!