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Sat, Aug 25, 2018 05:30 PM PDT

In this Full Moon Lecture and Meditation, Master Co shares the roadmap of the Spiritual Path that every Soul has to trek regardless of race or religion.

Discover why perseverance is an absolute necessity for your Soul to experience 'going home'
Topics include:

  • What is the "Spiritual Path"
  • What are the obstacles and how to anticipate & neutralize them
  • How to create an Indomitable Will to fulfill our Spiritual Destiny
  • How to harness life's challenges to Empower our Spiritual Resolve
  • Learning to balance Love, Intelligence and Will Aspects of the Soul
  • Reflect on what holds us back from reaching our full potential
  • Harness Service and the Law of Karma to Smooth out the "bumps and obstacles" on our Path
  • Learn simple and easy to follow techniques to maintain focus on your Spiritual Path, especially when life tries to pull you away from it!