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Thu, Oct 1, 2020 07:00 PM PDT

Are you a Mystic or a Spiritual Scientist?

Many Spiritual Seekers struggle with whether to deeply study esoteric principles or to just simply let go and take in the spiritual experience.

In this full moon lecture, Master Co will share the distinct differences as well as the unifying similarities between practicing mysticism and studying deep esoteric teachings.

The secret lies in the understanding and application of what the ancient Egyptians called “Greater Mystery Schools” and “Lesser Mystery Schools”. The Buddhist describes these as the “Mahayana, the greater Vehicle and the Hinayana, the smaller vehicle” traditions. In Christianity, it’s the difference between how Jesus taught, some are given the "mysteries to the kingdom of Heaven" while others are given “parables or stories”.

You will come away knowing how to adjust your spiritual practices to balance both in order to achieve a deeper connection with your Higher Soul and the Universe!