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Tue, Sep 1, 2020 06:00 PM PDT

Are You Ready for a Spiritual Download?

What is a spiritual download? Is it intuition? Divine Guidance? Hallucinations?

And why do you need a spiritual download?

Master Co helps to demystify something that many experience but few understand. He will explain this spiritual experience using modern terms that make it easy to understand and appreciate.

Some of what you will learn:
- How strong is your bandwidth, ie spiritual connection?
- Is your hardware upgraded? Can you body, brain and nervous systems handle the intense spiritual data dump?
- What can you do with junk files of emotions and thoughts that we accumulate?
- What to happens if you get malware that affects your aura?

Then we will Meditate As One using MCKS Meditation On Twin Hearts, to Bless every person, every being, every country and continent with Divine Light, Love and Power.

We will also channel these Blessings to our individual families, relationships and our finances.