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Thu, May 7, 2020 01:00 AM PDT

Important Last Minute Recommendations to make your experience smoother:
1. Once the session goes Live, find the ‘gear’ icon on the video. Reduce the quality or resolution in order for your wifi to be able to process the incoming audio/video. Reduce it to 720pm or lower.
2. If you are not seeing the video image appear, try to refresh or reload the page
3. Try a different browser.
4. If you are still having difficulty seeing the video then clear your browser history and quit the browser. Then restart your browser and try accessing the page again.
5. Go to the back up Wesak Meditation

Peak of Full Moon is 3:45am PDT

Online Session with Master Co will take place on this page on Thursday Morning, May 7th from 1am-4:30am PDT.

This is event is Free, however Love Offerings are welcome. Register for Wesak Here.

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