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  • Your Hands Can Heal You Workshop

    School of Holistic Touch Massage School , 310 S. Milliken Ave., Ontario, CA , United States
    Start Date: 12/03/2021 - 6:00pm
    End Date: 12/03/2021 - 9:00pm
    Instructor: Kei Okubo
    Event Email:

    Based on the Best-Selling book by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins, this Interactive and experiential workshop will guide you through many of the key points and practices detailed in the book!

        "YOUR HANDS CAN HEAL YOU is an incredibly powerful text for working with energy through simple, effective healing exercises. Master Co and Dr. Robins clearly describe the life force know as 'prana' and provide practical instructions for directing and managing your pranic energy in all aspects of your life and health. This book is more than brilliant - it is essential for all readers who value the quality of their health."

    Some of what you will learn:

    •     Basic principles of Pranic Healing on how to heal yourself and others
    •     Simple breathing exercises that will remove stress and will leave you feeling mentally and physically rejuvenated in less than 5 minutes
    •     Self Cleansing techniques to clean the energy centers and energy field. Remove stress energy and diseased energies that could manifest as various ailments. You will also learn to sweep away pain causing energies.
    •     Energetic Hygiene techniques to remove the impure energies from negative people and stressful situations that could leave you drained and tired.
    •     Ancient Tibetan Rejuvenation Yoga. These simple exercises generate tremendous amounts of life force and have you feeling lighter, more alert and refreshed. These exercises are also a great way to increase one's sex drive and overall youthfulness!
    •     Inner Peace, Calmness and Stress Removal. Practice meditation to purify the energy centers and energy field by flushing them with tremendous amounts of Spiritual Light. Benefits include mental clarity and focus, joy, inner peace and calmness.
    •     And if time permits, much more will be shared!

    - This is a simultaneous Live/In-Person and Zoom Workshop.
    - Nine (9) in-person seats are available.
    - Physical Distancing at 6 feet, and Masks required.
    - Leave spaces in between cars in the parking lot.  Parking is free on the sides and street side of parking lot.
    - Please arrive no later than 5:45 PM before the Zoom begins at 6pm in Spanish and English.
    - Light snacks, hot/cold water will be available in the breakroom inside the school beginning at 5:30pm.
    - Main lobby doors to be locked at 6PM.
    - This is a Free Self Healing workshop and Introduction to Pranic Healing. The textbook by the same name is for sale in paperback "store", Kindle, iBook, Nook. Thank you.
    - A separate registration for the Zoom can be found at