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September Full Moon Meditation

Emotional Alchemy

Simple and powerful methods to experience more happiness everyday

- Learn to use the triple triggers to quickly be flush out stress and anger
- Transmute anger and negativity using Love, Intelligence and Inner Power

- Create Sustained Happiness: simple, easy to follow daily rituals to stay joyful
- How to deal with negative people

Then we will Meditate As One using MCKS Meditation On Twin Hearts, to Bless every person, every being, every country and continent with Divine Light, Love and Power.

What will I learn in the 'Spiritual Essence of Man' Class?

GrandMaster Choa has synthesized the inner teachings of the Kabbalah into a simple but powerful method of spiritual practice. This class explains the ancient roots of the Tree of Life that is described in the  Kabbalistic, Hindu and Egyptian inner spiritual schools. You will learn  the inner secrets of each Sephiroth, or Power Center, and experience  their awakening as their Divine Names are invoked. This is will then be  interwoven to the advanced esoteric meditation of the Lord's Prayer. You  will come away feeling elated, internally purified and empowered.

Doesn't my Feng Shui arrangements depend on my birthday?

Feng Shui deals with energy. Solar energy, nuclear power,  magnetism, electricity and other forms of energy do not have any bearing  on one's birthday. It doesn't matter when you are born if you put your  finger in an electrical socket you will get electrocuted! Pranic Feng  Shui® teaches you the properties of the different kinds of energies  coming from different directions & places and how you can harness them for your success.

Why should I learn Pranic Feng Shui?

We are living beings with living energy fields. Just as the  quality of water is important to the life of the fish in an aquarium,  the energetic environment around us is critical to one's physical,  emotional, spiritual and financial health. One should be able to harness  good "Feng Shui" in the workplace for productivity and success,  scholastic success in the children's library and immeasurable love and  bliss in the bedroom!


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