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Thu, Nov 2, 2017 12:15 PM PDT

The Navel chakra is a such important chakra yet most traditions do not put enough attention to it. In this session, Master Co shares the importance of this unique energy center. The navel allows you to gather raw energies from the environment and synthesize it into a special ‘biosynthetic chi’!
Some of what you will learn include:

  •     Nature of the biosynthetic qi
  •     How to increase the Navel Chakra's ability to synthesize raw energy to super charge your system
  •     Make better business and career decisions by Awakening this chakra of ‘instinct’
  •     Learn about the movement of prana/qi along the 'microcosmic orbit'
  •     Learn how yogis generate 'golden syntethic qi' to accelerate the development of the physical body
  •     Understand why the development of the Soul has to be accompanied by the development of the physical body and how to do it
  •     Generate massive amounts of life force and store in your “energy warehouse” to have an inexhaustible source of power!