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Thu, Sep 3, 2020 07:00 PM PDT

Part 5: Children

In this session, Master Co covers the topic of children in our lives.

He shares GrandMaster Choa's perspective that having a family gives one the opportunity to awaken and develop love, patience and tolerance.  Having this perspective allows one to better handle the friction that often happens when dealing with differences of opinion between parents and children.

He further discusses the importance of helping the Soul better adapt to the Earthly life as we nurture them in their earlier years.

In addition, children in the spiritual sense can also mean adults that behave like children. As GrandMaster Choa calls them “spiritual babies in adult bodies”. This teaching is very important in helping us forgive those who have hurt us because we realize that they could be spiritually immature. This gives us the opportunity to learn and develop love and patience.