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Energetic Service

Our school specializes in energy, this area of service has many ways to immediately apply the Teachings to help others.


Do Meditations and bless

Through the Meditation Challenge you can bless people in need of healing, prosperity, spirituality etc. After each Meditation you do, send healing energies to the Prayer/Blessing List for those people who need healing.

Do Healings

Work on friends, loved ones, coworkers, people you don't know. This can be at a distance, a private session or at a local healing clinic.

Do Kriyashakti for others

Know of someone who needs a job or needs help making a project happen? know of someone who could use better health and is already receiving healing? Kriyashakti for someone to have more healing clients, a better relationship with their kids or better grades in school.

Help Spread Pranic Healing in your area

Let people know about Pranic Healing and how they can help themselves and their loved ones! Distribute flyers about a local healing clinic, Introductory Lecture or Class. Help a local Instructor or Intro Leader in spreading the word.


Most importantly, be an example of the Teachings in your daily life and through Loving Kindness and Non-Injury in your thoughts, words and actions.