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During these next 31 days, think about 2 or 3 teachings in your life that you would like to improve upon.

It could be your relationships, your finances, how you deal with stress and difficulty situations. For most of us, it's not difficult to find things we need to improve. The challenge is to focus on just a couple areas and make a concerted effort to change things.

enlightenedWrite down what it is you want to work on. Now, think about the tools you have and the tools you need in order to succeed.

If you've taken any of the courses we offer of GrandMaster Choa's Pranic Healing System or read his books, you know that  tools he's shared with us are vast!

enlightenedWrite down one or two tools you will use over the next 31 days for each area you want to improve. Then practice this daily as a part of the 31 day challenge.


Some examples:

Do you need to practice better self care and do self healing on yourself for a particular issue?

Apply the proper protocol or take the healing class that will help you focus on that issue. Take regular salt baths and cut cords daily.

Do you need to improve your awareness of your daily actions in order to have better self control in difficult situations?
Do daily meditation, along with daily inner reflection. Journal your meditation experiences as well as your daily reflections of your days and actions. Take it a step further and write down or visualize how you will make your actions/day better tomorrow.

Do you need to improve a relationship, whether it be personal or work related?
During your daily meditation send blessings or light to that person. Imagine getting along with that person and both of you doing the right thing. Every time you have a negative thought that of that person, try to catch yourself and stop that thought. Instead, correct it and think of the positive or good qualities of that person.

These are just 3 short examples of what you can be doing over the next 31 days.

With the books, meditation cds and classes that GrandMaster Choa created, you have the tools and skills to create immediate change in your life! Take this 31 Day Living the Teachings Challenge and Manifest Your Greatness!

Need to learn more skills? Maybe a course, book or meditation will help! Here are some resources:

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