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Thu, Oct 1, 2020 07:00 PM PDT


In this session, Master Co shares the importance of forgiveness to others and oneself.

We are all ‘children of God’.

“Children” implies that we are still in the process of growing and evolving. Therefore we will make mistakes. Everyone does!

So without this realization we have a tendency to hold on to past mistakes we have made as well as those others have made. By understanding that mistakes are part of our spiritual evolution, we can break the chains that bind us to the past.  

As we forgive others, we also break our karmic chains to them.

Master Co also shares the simple and powerful truth of Inner and Outer Forgiveness. This powerful teaching allows us to internally forgive others so we can have inner peace, and create boundaries so others will not continue to hurt us. This profound and simple teaching has helped thousands detach from the past pains and live a more fulfilling and compelling future!