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Pranic Healing provides a Bridge for the Soul to grow.

Pranic Healing is a "gateway" to the Higher Teachings.

Why teach Pranic Healing? Because it is the Compassionate thing to do!

When you spread the teachings, you accelerate the development of the Soul... which is Immortal.

- Master Choa Kok Sui

Become an Instructor

Enrollment is currently closed.
We are not accepting any applications at the moment until further notice. 
Thank you for understanding.


Help us spread the Light of Healing and Spirituality by becoming a Pranic Healing Intro Leader or Instructor.

If you are interested in helping to spread the Teachings of MCKS Pranic Healing® as an Intro Leader, and future Instructor, you must have completed the required courses (MCKS Pranic Healing®, MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing®, MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy®, MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Prep and MCKS Kriyashakti®) then we invite you to review the attached file of complete requirements & application form so that you can get started!

Teach Pranic Healing

As a Pranic Healing® Intro Leader you would have the opportunity to:

  • Help spread the Teachings and Mission of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui in the United States
  • Do service on a large scale
  • Help illuminate the masses and have a positive impact on people's lives
  • Empower people to heal themselves and their loved ones, as well as help them move forward on their spiritual path
  • Generate an additional source of income while helping to spread Spiritual Work
  • And Much More!

Please download the attachment below for complete details and an application form on becoming an MCKS Pranic Healing® Intro Leader for the U.S. Pranic Healing Center. Note that this training program is only for the West Coast and Mid-West of the United States. Those interested in teaching in other countries or regions must contact the appropriate Center or Foundation in your area for additional information.