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Pranic Healing provides a Bridge for the Soul to grow.

Pranic Healing is a "gateway" to the Higher Teachings.

Why teach Pranic Healing? Because it is the Compassionate thing to do!

When you spread the teachings, you accelerate the development of the Soul... which is Immortal.

- Master Choa Kok Sui

Become an Instructor

Help us spread the Light of Healing and Spirituality by becoming a Pranic Healing Intro Leader or Instructor.

If you are interested in helping to spread the Teachings of MCKS Pranic Healing® as an Intro Leader, and future Instructor, you must have completed the required courses (MCKS Pranic Healing®, MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing®, MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy®, MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Prep and MCKS Kriyashakti®) then we invite you to review the attached file of complete requirements & application form so that you can get started!

Teach Pranic Healing

As a Pranic Healing® Intro Leader you would have the opportunity to:

  • Help spread the Teachings and Mission of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui in the United States
  • Do service on a large scale
  • Help illuminate the masses and have a positive impact on people's lives
  • Empower people to heal themselves and their loved ones, as well as help them move forward on their spiritual path
  • Generate an additional source of income while helping to spread Spiritual Work
  • And Much More!

Please download the attachment below for complete details and an application form on becoming an MCKS Pranic Healing® Intro Leader for the U.S. Pranic Healing Center. Note that this training program is only for the West Coast and Mid-West of the United States. Those interested in teaching in other countries or regions must contact the appropriate Center or Foundation in your area for additional information.