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Learn to Meditate

Meditating does not have to mean you live in a mountain secluded from society. We believe, a person who meditates regularly has the capacity to function in daily life with more effectiveness and efficiency inspite of the stresses of modern society.

The Pranic Healing System offiers a range of meditations for anyone looking to relieve stress to someone who wants to take their meditation practice to a deeper and higher level. through the Arhatic Yoga® Sytem created by Master Choa Kok Sui.  

From the short (20 minutes) but powerful foundational Meditation on Twin Hearts, to monthly Full Moon Meditations and the more powerful Arhatic Yoga meditations, you can learn a variety of exercises to keep you calm and grounded, while increasing your connection to your higher self.

For those who wish to increase their understanding of the principles behind Pranic Healing, there is available a series of advanced courses and meditations.  But this is not training for the “would-be monk”; this is spirituality and self-development for the modern world, where people have to make a living and have very practical considerations on their mind.  This is ancient wisdom updated and made practical for busy modern world, but w/o sacrificing the power and truth of the teachings.  For instance, they include simple and understandable clarifications on much-used and much-misunderstood terms, such as “karma,” “kundalini,” “reincarnation,” the “Four Noble Truths,” the “Eight-Fold Path” and more.