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Kim Fantini

Kim Fantini is a disciple of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and Master Stephen Co. She is a Senior Certified Licensed instructor for the Institute for Inner Studies. Previously a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistance with hospital and clinic experience, Kim now practices as a Pranic Healer and Licensed Massage Therapist. Pranic Healing has been a gift to Kim in many ways personally and professionally. Kim has seen how her clients and students lives have been transformed by Pranic Healing and the practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts.

Kim has been teaching Pranic Healing® since 2006 in the US and Virgin Islands and has 24 years experience using Pranic Healing®. She is co-owner of Intuitive Therapy and Massage in Belleville, Illinois at Stillpointe Wellness Center.

Kim enjoys being with her family, meditating, traveling and serves as an Elder in the Community of Christ Church.
The most valuable teaching from Grandmaster Choa that she tries to practice is:

"By Forgiving and blessing, you stop wallowing in mud and you achieve Inner Peace and Freedom"
The Golden Lotus Sutra of Master Choa Kok Sui " Experience Being"

Teaches: Pranic Healing® Level 1, Advanced Pranic Healing®, Pranic Psychotherapy®, Pranic Crystal Healing®, Pranic Psychic Self Defense®, and Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul®

Lilia Afshary

Lilia Afshary has been a student of MCKS Pranic Healing® since 2004. She began her studies in Iran and continued her training in the U.S. under the supervision of Master Stephen Co.

Lilia currently facilitates Pranic Healing classes and clinics in Vacaville and Sacramento, CA. She teaches regular SuperBrain Yoga classes and holds introductory Pranic Healing workshops in Solano and Napa Counties and Sacramento. Lilia, a school teacher by profession, now shares her passion for the teachings of Pranic Healing by serving as a Certified Instructor of Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing® Level 1 Courses in Northern California.

"I use Pranic Healing teachings daily to improve the quality of my life and that of friends, family, and clients", she says.

Teaches: Pranic Healing® Level 1

Liza Burney

Liza Burney, formerly a practicing trial attorney, found PH in 2006 when she was experiencing stress-related health issues that Western Medicine was not adequately addressing. What she found in Pranic Healing surprised her – it was not ‘airy-fairy’ at all – and set her on a course of learning and studying this ‘invisible energy’ that mainstream medicine wasn’t talking about. Liza learned that there are things she can do to help heal herself — things that anyone can do.

She now uses her skills as a trained communicator to teach her clients the essential tools and techniques to achieve success in many things, including physical healing, relationship healing, or stress reduction. Her area of expertise is working with people and animals in acute and catastrophic situations, such as severe infections (including antibiotic resistant bacteria infections); car, bicycle and equestrian accidents; burns; and severe head trauma (although she really likes working on fertility issues, too)!

Liza is a frequent presenter at conferences and conventions, including groups such as the Oregon Area Ehlers-Danlos Support Group, the Body/Mind/ Spirit Expo, NW Pet Fair and at the Oregon Dressage Society annual meeting. She has presented in-service training for various professional organizations, including Oregon Student Nurses Association, Oregon Holistic Nurses Association, Oregon campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind, and the Oregon State Bar Quality of Life committee.

Liza enjoys being a regular guest on local television show AM Northwest, and has had many articles on Pranic Healing published in a variety of magazines. She has been an adjunct professor at area community colleges in Portland and Hood River.
Liza is also a certified Level 1 Basic Pranic Healing and Level 2 Advanced Pranic Healing instructor. She takes a very left-brain, linear and structured approach to the material, and endeavors to foster a conversational atmosphere in her classes, while at the same time, taking the time to explain things in great detail. Her favorite saying is “When you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.”

Teaches: Pranic Healing® Level 1 and Advanced Pranic Healing®

lynn johnson

Lynn Maupin

Lynn Provenzano

" I became a Pranic Healer because I was guided to this path...and it was right."

Lynn Provenzano has facilitated personal and professional development for over 30 years in corporate, community, and non-profit groups, specializing in motivation, business and interpersonal skills, and energy work. She studied various methods of alternative healing and is a devotee of Qigong/Tai Chi. She is now a MCKS Associate Certified Pranic Healer and is a licensed MCKS Pranic Healing Level 1 instructor.

Currently, she teaches meditation and introductions to alternative energy work in the Osher Life Long Learning Institute program at the University of Texas El Paso, Pranic Healing Weekend Intensives, and gives lectures on Meditation, the Energy Body, and Stress Management for professional and non-profit groups. Her community involvement reaches further into the healing and educational aspects of the Arts as President of the Boards of Directors for the El Paso Society for Musicians of the Future (EPSMF) and L.I.G.H.T (Lotus Integrated Group for Health and Transformation).

Teaches: Pranic Healing® Level 1

Maria Wilson

Maria Wilson has been a student of MCKS Pranic Healing since 2003. She began her studies in South America and continued her training in the U.S. where she became a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor in 2007 and a Certified Associate Pranic Healer.

She currently facilitates Pranic Healing Clinics in San Antonio, Tx, as well as courses throughout Texas.

“The understanding of energy through MCKS’s system, unveiled a new and different perception of health, life and spirituality, she says. Everything is energy. The light I saw in MCKS’s Teachings moved me to commit to His work and His vision and mission, and continue to help spread the Teachings with this Light guiding me.”

Teaches: Pranic Healing® Level 1 and Advanced Pranic Healing

Master Stephen Co

Mx. drlagenia bailey

Teaches: Pranic Healing® Level 1

Nathan Llera

Nathan Llera is a student of MCKS Pranic Healing® and Master Stephen Co. He has been practicing Pranic Healing since his first class in 2011. Nathan is a Human Service Practitioner, Life Coach, and Addictions Counselor by profession, as well as a full time Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and Healer. Prior to discovering Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga, Nathan was in a near-fatal car accident. With the guidance of a Mental Health professional, Nathan used Pranic Healing to overcome Anxiety and PTSD related to driving. He is a supporter of the merger of science and spirituality and hopes to serve others with trauma, and mental illness. Nathan holds degrees and certifications in Psychology & Human Services and has a background in mental health, as well as counseling addictions, spiritual & health related life coaching, gerontology, child and family therapy, and psychoeducation. Nathan is also a former Reiki Master and has practiced and studied many healing modalities. Join Nathan at one of his events, and share in his passion and excitement for the wonderful teachings of Pranic Healing!

Nathan shares Pranic Healing in the Southernmost Inland Empire, in cities such as Palm Springs, Temecula, and Hemet. You can always find Nathan at his weekly Meditation & Free Healing nights.

Teaches: Pranic Healing® Level 1